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    templated vector layer


      Hi All, Templated vector layer is not working for me. (I mean the demo apps C15 and C16) The vector layer, customers  doesn't show up. I checked the theme in mapbuilder and it works fine there. Mapviewer: OS: Windows 7 SP1 - 64-bit DB: Oracle Release 32-bit Browser: Chrome,Firefox, IE

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          This is a bug in the demo code (not in the parametrized vector layer support). The referenced style (M.SMALL CIRCLE) is missing in the user_sdo_styles view for mvdemo.

          The solution is any one of the following:

          - Add a style called "M.SMALL CIRCLE"

          - Modify the theme definitions to use M.CIRCLE or M.STAR or some other existing style instead.

          - Modify the demo code to use one of those (m.circle or m.star) styles instead. To do that add the following lines of code after the VectorLayer is created,

          OM.style.StyleStore.getServerSideStyle("mvdemo", "m.circle", {url:baseURL, callback:



          layer = new OM.layer.VectorLayer("layer1", {def:{type:OM.layer.VectorLayer.TYPE_PREDEFINED,


          and click on RUN.

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