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    Problem with XML, SQL Developer 3.2.2 and Oracle 12c


      Oracle 12c is bundled with SQL Developer 3.2.2. And for the most part it works fine. But if I try to use an SQL/XML function like XMLQUERY, SQL Developer gives the following error "no orageneric11 in java.library.path". Oracle 12c does not have any file with that name. Instead it has a file  orageneric12.dll. Simply changing the filename to orageneric11.dll solves the problem, but it is certainly not the right way to solve the problem. Is the name "orageneric11" hardcoded in SQL Developer, or can it be configured somewhere so that it can instead look for orageneric12 in the path? Or shouldn't SQL Developer automatically look for both suffixes 11 and 12?


      My configuration is:

      Windows 7 64bit

      Oracle 12c ( 12.1.0)

      SQL Developer (the one that comes with oracle 12c)