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    Excel (MS Query) ORA 12154 - kind of fixed...


      Hi everyone!


      I'm a bit stuck trying to get MS Query to talk to our 10g database. Creating the connection in the 32 bit ODBC administrator works absolutely fine, I get 'Connection Successful'. SQL Developer works, Crystal Reports works, SQL Plus works, TNSPing works... just not MS Query!


      I've tried using the name for the database that's in TNSNAMES, and I get ORA-12154. If I try //servername:port/SID, I get ORA-6413 (Connection Not Open).


      I've checked everything I can think of - SQLNET.ORA has TNSNAMES where it should be, TNSNAMES.ORA is obviously all good as all the other programs work, what else could it be?


      I'm running 64 bit windows 7. The server (I believe) is on W2003.


      Thanks in advance!




      EDIT: I've found a fix but I might need some more help... it's because Excel's query program, MSQRY32.EXE is kept in the Program Files (x86) folder - so now I've moved it into Program Files, how do I now get Excel to look for MSQRY32 there, and not in the x86 folder?