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    Format Plugin - Recent specs


      Is there an extensibility point for a format plugin for the recent specs menu?

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          I don't believe its documented but you can change the format plugins for the MRU dropdown at the top of the application. 


          For example here are some GSM specific items:

             <Plugin name="MRU.ObjectCaption.GSM.GSMSpec" FactoryURL="Class:Xeno.Web.UI.Common.Plugins.ObjectHeader.GSM.GsmSpecNameAndEquivalentObjectIdentityModelFormatPluginFactory,WebCommon$NameValuePair:NameMaxLength=50&NumberMaxLength=12"/>

             <Plugin name="MRU.ObjectStatus.GSM" FactoryURL="Class:Xeno.Prodika.GSMLib.Utils.Plugins.GSMItemStatusFormatPluginFactory,GSMLib" MaxSizeUI="25"/>

             <Plugin name="MRU.ObjectTypeNameOverride.GSM" FactoryURL="Class:Xeno.Prodika.GSMLib.Utils.Plugins.GSMMruObjectTypeSubheaderPluginFactory,GSMLib"/>


          ObjectCaption = Spec name and number pairing

          ObjectStatus = Status

          ObjectTypeNameOverride = Object Type


          Let me know what specific areas you are interested in and I can share the plugin names with you here.   Support should also be able to provide a copy of the Core/PluginExtensions.xml file you can use as a reference.   Just submit an SR with the request and version number and we can send a copy over.




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            That's exactly what I was looking for, thanks Kelly.  Specifically, we would like to add the spec number to the GSM MRU.



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              If you want to just list spec number instead of equivalent we offer an out of the box plugin.  If you want to always display spec number AND equivalents then you will need to create your own plugin.