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    Primavera Contractor License


      Hi all,


      I recently got a new laptop with windows8 and decided to install my primavera contractor version 5.0 in it, but after much trouble I was instructed to download it from the website : https://edelivery.oracle.com/ and run it with administration privileges. During the installation it mentioned something about problems in compatibility with Microsoft SQL, but either way it completed without problems.


      Now that it finished I attempted to run it and got:



      Current license file is not valid for this version. Please contact your supervisor.


      After clicking "ok" like 3 times it says:


      A problem has ocurred with your application license: Application license not installed or corrupted. Click OK if you would like to see a license summary.

      Then OK:


      Invalid Application License Key: License data not valid. ("OK" or "Administer").


      With 'Administer' the Database Configuration opens up. I do not understand if I can fix it from here since I do not understand this program.


      I downloaded the license file from the oracle's website, but neither during the installation nor now running it, it asks for it.

      Anybody have a solution besides changing to windows 7?.