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    Urgent about taking an exam in a center


      Greetings ...


      I want to know what is the steps to take an online exam in an authorized test center in Egypt (Tanta).

      I have an oracle account and I created a pearson vue account but I didn't receive the usename/password and I don't know if I should create a certview account!
      I'm confused of what I should choose from this link: Oracle Certification Program: Exam Registration | Certifications | Oracle

      I have a credit card and I don't know if I need a voucher!

      I don't have much time because I intend to take the exam of (1z0-007) and it will be retired on 31 July.


      Thanks in advance ...

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          Brandye Barrington-Oracle

          If you have created your Pearson VUE web account and have not yet received a username, password, and Oracle Testing ID, I would start by calling Pearson VUE and getting that sorted out. In order to authenticate your CertView account, you will need the Oracle Testing ID and email address that are in your Pearson VUE profile.


          1) Check with Pearson VUE to get your username, password and Oracle Testing ID

          2) Register for your exam at pearsonvue.com/oracle - you can pay with credit card and you won't need a voucher

          3) Authenticate your account at certview.oracle.com. You should do this before taking your exam so that you do not experience any delay in seeing your exam results.


          Brandye Barrington

          Certification Forum Moderator

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            Thank you very much for your helpful reply ...
            I'm aware now that it is a must to have a VUE web account. I already went through the account creation process but it was just today, so when do I expect to receive the username/password and oracle testing ID?
            and what can I do if not receiving it at the expected time?


            sorry for bothering and thanks in advance ...