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    Failed validation of file uploads makes them uneditable


      I have an issue with a file upload field (af:inputFile), such that if an error occurs on submission the error message is not modal and so the user can altar the values and reenable the OK button with an error message still visible.

      I was attempting to get around this since noone seemed to have a way to make the faces error messages modal (Is it possible  to make message popup with error messages modal?).


      I tried putting in a validator for the file... which works just fine (once you manage to actually clear the thing on cancel)... apart from the fact that once the validation fails the file name is shown as read only with an update button instead of a browse button. That update button then opens another dialog with a file upload in it and no matter what you do in this dialog the original one remains unchanged... and can be made visible if you move the new dialog off the top of it.


      Why can I not actually update the file? Why does it open a different dialog with a different input field that doesn't have my validator or binding or value? What can I do to get around this?


      I'm in ADF 11.1.1 but can use 12.1.2 if absolutely necessary for a fix. I don't use JDeveloper.

      Thank you.