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    decimal point



      i have installed oracle database 10.2g and oracle forms and reports services on windows2003 server

      and then i deploy my form to run on this environment

      when i try to insert the number (465.5) on the salary item (number(10,3)  it is convert to 0 when i try to leave the item

      when i update on the form and put format mask to this item like(9999999.999) it is ok to accept  the value but the direction of item is not ok

      and on other form that display the salary it is display salary like (465H5) (without put format mask)

      please how can i solve this problem in the forms (insert form,display form) without using format mask

      note i check nls_numeric_characters in nls_session_parameters and i found it like ( ' 0, ')

      and i using as i need nls_numeric_characters =HINDI in registry of windows.