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    How to start AutoVue20.2.0 as minimised / minimized

      I would like to start AutoVue20.2 Desktop Deployment as a minimised (minimized) application on a Windows 7 platform.

      It appears that AutoVue does not listen to the setting being past to it by Windows.

      Methods attempted to hide AutoVue that have not worked are:
      1.     Shortcut with run setting as Minimized.
      2.     Cmd file calling “start /min "C:\ORACLE\AutoVue Desktop Deployment\bin\autovue.exe"”
      3.     VBScript running "C:\ORACLE\AutoVue Desktop Deployment\bin\autovue.exe" with the window hidden
      4.     VBScript using wmi to start a hidden process for "C:\ORACLE\AutoVue Desktop Deployment\bin\autovue.exe"

      Are there any Java commands that could be applied to the autovue.properties or the .ini files to tell it to start up in a particular state?
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          Graham Mckendry-Oracle
          prOmel - I'm not sure about AutoVue 20.2.0, but version 20.2.1 has an INI option called 'FRAMESTATE' that can control the window behavior. Setting it to "7" in your INI file should allow AutoVue to start as minimized. Refer to the AutoVue 20.2.1 Desktop Deployment Viewing Config Guide (http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E37436_01/otn/pdf/E37333_01.pdf), page 15, for details.
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            Thanks for that Graham.

            It appears that FRAMSTATE is an undocumented feature of 20.2.0. I tested it in both 20.2.0 & 20.2.1 and it does indeed start the AutoVue application in a minimized /minimised state for both versions. Unfortunately it keeps that state for subsequent drawings that I opened, so it forces the user to select the AutoVue icon in the taskbar to display the drawing. And that is not the desired way to work.

            I'll keep looking.
            We may need to Start it, wait 15 seconds then kill it. That will allow all the AutoVue windows to be shutdown but still be running due to systemtray setting allow background running.
            Looks like another product suggestion to Oracle of startup in background mode or start without visible window.

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              Michel L�on-Oracle


              Oracle AutoVue 20.2.1,Desktop Deployment







              UI Configuration INI options Page 15



              FRAMESTATE = [6|7] Set to 6 to maximize the windows display

                                                    Set to 7 to minimize the windows display




              Please log an Enhancement Request(SR)for this issue.




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                Daniel Gariepy-Oracle



                I'm not sure I fully understand the requirements, could you please elaborate on what is required exactly? You want to be able to start AutoVue in minimized state only for the first time you are starting AutoVue? I think it might be best to log a new service request in My Oracle Support so you can give more details on the requirements and we can see if this can be done at this time or if an enhancement request is required.