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    Unique Identifier over different stores for monitoring?




      Is there a possibility for a unique identifier for a KVStore like the traditional DB ID?


      My Problem:

      I monitor more than one KVStore on different servers, but in the company the name of the store are not unique. And one server can serve more than one nodes for different stores (under different ports).


      I collect all information’s from all nodes to a monitoring repository.

      There I can see the name of the node, the port, the hostname for many nodes and so on, but which node belongs to which store, if the store name is always the same?


      With a unique ID it will be easier to decide which node belongs to which store in the monitoring backend.


      One possibility could be the data center name, but this is human editable and therefore that is not error prune.


      Any idea how to solve this problem?


      Best Regards


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          The store name is intended to identify the store.  I don't think there is another store-wide identifier that is visible to monitoring in the current release.  Is it possible to use different names for the different stores?


          I'd be interested to know more about your monitoring set-up, and your thoughts on the monitoring information that we provide.  If you're willing to discuss it, please email me guy.hillyer at oracle.com.