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    Brio Intelligence 6.6 and virtualization




      We have Brio Intelligence 6.6 installed on an old Windows 2003 Server and experience some hardware issues - and I anticipate a upcoming EOL.


      And as a result of that I plan to migrate / convert the physical server to a virtual server. My only concern is about Brio - is it capable of running in the virtual world.


      So does anyone have any information / experience about that?

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          I can't directly answer your specific question, but here's something to think about.


          I don't know about 6.6, but I have done all of my testing on 9.3.1, 9.3.3 and 11.1.2.x on VMs.  The problem with using this product line in a production environment on a VM is the way the licensing is done.  My licensing is per CPU.  Because of our method of partitioning VM spaces being what Oracle calls "soft partitioning", I would need to license the product for all 30+ CPUs in the VM cluster.  Installing the software on dedicated hardware turned out to be much less expensive.