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    Oracle 6i Formula Column


      Hi Techies,

      I have an Oracle 6i report which has a parameter form. It takes the argument Contract_Num as an input. Based on the value of the Contract_Num, a formula column displays a string.


      Now I dont want to use the parameter form. I have simply modifed my report group query. I get all the contract_num in the output but the respective string is not displayed as I dont input any Contract_Num in the parameter form. The Formula Column always returns NULL in the all the pages.


      Please advise on how to pass the contract_num to the Formula Column to display the respective string in each page.



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          Hi Sri,


          As you said you have modified your query, you can directly bind the variable in the formula column as


          : (your variable).


          If your formula is outside your report group. Please place your formula column within that record group and try.