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    Oracle Reports Install


      I am new to Oracle Reports and seek advice on "getting started". My objective is to maintain an existing .rdf file and all internet research points to Oracle Reports as the required tool. Howerver, the 1.85 gig download with subsequent install just seems to be a bit of over-kill for simply maintaining/developing Oracle Reports. So, am I on the right track? (Or, is there a "light" version of Oracle Reports?


      First question is regarding appropriate download - I've already downloaded .zip file ofm_frmrpts_win_11. 1.85 gig file and extracting 3 disks as I write this discussion. So, again, before I start installing, am I on the correct track. My system/laptop (client for developing) is a Win7 64 bit. Oracle version is; we use Linux x86 64 bit to run EBS version 12.1.3.

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          If you have existing reports to maintain, then you first have to know know what version you need. Don't download just any version. Ask somebody who knows.

          (I don't think you need version 11g. EBS 12 uses Developer Suite 10g.)


          And yes, the download is big. You are not only downloading Reports, but the whole Developer Suite. Reports is just part of it.

          If you indeed need version 11g, you need to download and install Weblogic first.