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    Online upgrade of characterset TimesTen8 to different characterset


      I've successfully performed an online upgrade from TT6.0 to TT11.2 using the characterset TIMESTEN8.  Once I have both nodes running TT11.2 with characterset=TimesTen8,  I attempt an online upgrade (-noCharSetConversion option) to a different characterset, i.e. US7ASCII.  After performing the ttMigrate out/in steps, the number of replication connections does not match the number before the migrate.  The mate node is still set as TIMESTEN8


      07:43:02.08 Err : REP:  6029: SYSTEMCONFIGURATION:receiver.c(14820): TT17017: The database character set differs from its peer


      Can the characterset be changed during an online upgrade?   If not, is it possible to keep characterset=TIMESTEN8 settting?  What's the best characterset that most closely matches the current TIMESTEN8?