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    ADF on WebLogic 12c 12.1.2 requires a database

    Jan Vervecken



      Some recent forum messages suggest that ADF on WebLogic 12c 12.1.2 requires a database :

      at https://forums.oracle.com/message/11104301#11104301

      "BrianFry wrote:

      ... The JRF domain template is the one that contains ADF libraries, so to configure standalone WLS with ADF, you need to use the JRF template. As you've discovered, the JRF template has a dependency in 12.1.2 on the Coherence template, so you get that one too. In 12.1.2, the WLS infrastructure with JRF and Coherence also requires a database connection and to have RCU installed. You should run RCU prior to running the config wizard. ..."

      and also at https://forums.oracle.com/message/11105901#11105901


      The blog post "Setting up a standalone WebLogic 12c install for ADF Without a Database" by Duncan Mills

      at https://blogs.oracle.com/groundside/entry/setting_up_a_standalone_weblogic

      explicitly says "... I stress this is not a supported configuration for production usage ...".


      The same blog post also includes some explanation :

      "... Now this connection has a real purpose, the Oracle Platform security infrastructure for 12c needs to store it's information within a proper database so as to correctly (and supportably) manage itself across multiple servers in a cluster. ..."


      Has this requirement (the required database) been documented somewhere?

      How many database connections are expected to be used by this "feature" (per managed-server, per user-session, per ...)?

      What about this requirement if you don't have a WebLogic Server cluster (but maybe some managed-servers behind a load-balancer)?


      many thanks

      Jan Vervecken