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    Extending OAF page to capture additional data into table




      I have a requirement to add a check box to OAF page and capture the checked/unchecked value into one of the attribute columns of the standard table. This page is part of the train bean.


      Here is what I did so far:


      Personalized the page to add the checkbox.

      Extended EO to add "Attribute1" column from the table to EO

      Extended VO and based it on extended EO to map the checkbox field to newly added EO attribute


      My understanding is just doing the above (with out adding any code) should store the checkbox value into attribut1 column. But for some reason, the value is not getting stored in the table. I've already spent lot of time diagnosing the issue and I'm at a point where I need your help. Please advise me if I'm missing any of the steps or my approach is incorrect in the first place. I will share more details as needed.


      Appreciate your help.