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    XML Report completes with error due to REP-271504897:  Unable to retrieve a string from the Report Builder message file.


      We are in the middle of testing our R12 Upgrade.  I am getting this error from the invoice XML-based report that we are using in R12. (based on log).  Only for a specific invoice number that this error is appearing.  The trace is not showing me anything.  I don't know how to proceed on how to debug where the error is coming from and how to fix this.  I found a patch 8339196 that shows exactly the same error number but however, I have to reproduce the error in another test instance before we apply the patch.  I created exactly the same order and interface to AR and it doesnt generate an error.  I even copied the order and interface to AR and it doesn't complete with error.  It is only for this particular invoice that is having an issue and I need to get the root cause as to why.  Please help.  I appreciate what you all can contribute to identify and fix our issue.  We have not faced this issue in R11i that we are maintaining right now for the same program which has been running for sometime.  However, after the upgrade for this particular data that the user has created, it is throwing this error REP-271504897.


      MSG-00100: DEBUG:  Get_Country_Description Return value:

      MSG-00100: DEBUG:  Get_Country_Description Return value:

      REP-0002: Unable to retrieve a string from the Report Builder message file.


      REP-0069: Internal error

      REP-57054: In-process job terminated:Terminated with error:

      REP-271504897: MSG-00100: DEBUG:  BeforeReport_Trigger +

      MSG-00100: DEBUG:  AfterParam_Procs.Populate_Printing_Option

      MSG-00100: DEBUG:  AfterParam_Procs.Populate_Tax_Printing_Option

      MSG-00100: DEBUG:  BeforeReport_Trigger.Get_Message_Details

      MSG-00100: DEBUG:  BeforeReport_Trigger.Get_Org_Profile.

      MSG-00100: DEBUG:  Organization Id:  117

      MSG-00100: DEBUG:  BeforeReport_Trigger.Build_Where_Clause

      MSG-00100: DEBUG:  P_Choi




      Report Builder: Release - Production on Tue Jul 23 09:56:46 2013



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