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    Periodic Alert vs. Concurrent Program/PL/SQL


      I have a little experience with Oracle Alerts, but I was hoping someone with more knowledge in this area can tell me what advantage is there to using a periodic Alert vs. a scheduled concurrent program that runs a PL/SQL procedure.

      Here is the scenario - the alert or program will run hourly and and send out an email if an exception condition is found.  PL/SQL procedure sends the email via sendmail.


      Looking at the Pros and Cons, this is what I see:


      PL/SQL  Pros:  allows for greater complexity of determining exception, can change the run interval in Oracle scheduler, no need to re-migrate any objects, can document code with comments, seems to run slightly faster than alert.

                   Cons:  Takes slightly longer for initial creation.


      Alert Pros:  Fairly quick to setup

             Cons:  Must change and re-migrate to change run interval, workflow mailer must be up and running as well as periodic alert scheduler (unless I am wrong about this), making two additional points of possible failure, can't comment SQL in the text window, the alert rejects it.


      Anyone see any other pros and cons?  Or why one might choose one over the other?