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    Windows Servers inaccessible, hang, cannot shut down


      Hey Guys,

         We have a test environment deployed with about 50 virtual machines in OVM, with about 5 or 6 Windows Servers (2008 and 2012).  Only about 15-20 are running with various memory and processor usage at any given time.  We seem to have about 50% of our available 192 GB of memory blocked off for the VMs when they are running, and the processor utilization is almost always below 10%.  We have run in to a rare snag over the past few months where about 9-10 of our VMs show 100% utilization (both Linux and Windows) and our OVM/OVS environment freezes.  When we try to shut down the Windows machines, they say stopping but never stop, and when we try to kill them it says locked and never shuts down.  The Linux machines most of the time shut down fine.  The OVM environment functions fine but it seems like the OVS times out because of the processor lock.


      My question is this:  has anyone else run in to this?  Also, is this a known issue?  If so, is there a work-around?  None of these machines are production, but this is a nasty snag causing us to forcefully shut down our HP Proliant blade that is running them, causing a prolonged outage.