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    New Activity Type added for v6.1?

    Prashant J

      Was a new activity type added for Document Collaboration type? (typeId = 3396).

      I am assuming that there is a migration path to it from the old DocCollab Activity Type..

      Can someone explain what might be different and what the best method to migrate into this?

      Does the Migration script for v6.1 take care of this?


      ADDITION:  I also noticed that this activity type has been deleted...

      3248 Xeno.Prodika.NPD.Service.BusinessObjects.Activity.NPDActivityAttachments                                                                                                                                                                                      


      What is the migration path for this type of activities?

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          Ivy Zhu-Oracle

          No. We still support four activity types: Document Collaboration, Document Collaboration with in-place editing, Project Schedule and Project Summary in V6.1. The two typeID you mentioned 3396 and 3248 existed in V6.0.0.x release.



          -Ivy Zhu

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            Prashant J

            So when we migrate from v6.0 to v6.1, what happens to the other activity types that existed in v6.0 but do not exist in v6.1?  What happens to Activity Templates that might have pointed to the old Activity Types?  Is there a clear migration path?

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              Ivy Zhu-Oracle

              Could you provide the ActivityTypeOptions and ActivityTypeUIMapper section contents both in 6.0 CustomerSettings.config and 6.1 CustomerSettings.config?

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                Matt J-Oracle

                Good morning.  Since 5.2.2 (possibly earlier, I can't remember for sure), we have only supported 4 activity types in the config (listed below).  However, the types still existed and could be carried forward by a config change in customersettings.config.  This is probably why you still had it in 6.0.  However, any activity type outside the below list has not been tested since 5.2.2.


                3396Document Collaboration with in-place editing
                3249Project Summary/Update
                3224Project Schedule
                3378Document Collaboration


                At this time, no migration strategy exists from Oracle.  you could try adding the Activity type to the ActivityTypeUIMapper node and see if it shows up, but I would recommend using it for historical reference, only.  You could also work with one of our partners to migrate the data to one of the supported Activity types listed above.


                thank you,



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