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    What is the Padlock functionality in Input section of a formulation?


      Hi all,


      I would know the exact behavoir of  padlock near an input in formulation spec.

      Example: I add a material (A) as inputs in a formulation (B) and I leave the padlock unlocked and then I calculate an Output (C).

      Now I update the material (A) that I used as input.

      In this case I need to refresh the formulation to re-calculate Output (C) new values or the values are refreshed automatically?

      Also, if I use material (A) in a certain number of formulations, I need to refresh manually all formulations?


      Please let me know if everithing is clear.

      Many Thanks.


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          Jessie C-Oracle

          Hi Stefano,


            The padlock is used in ''Get Latest Revision' feature. here is the behavior:

          if the padlock is unlocked of an input in formulation spec, the system will always auto-update the input to the latest version with the 'Approved' tag in its WFA status. for example, you unlock the padlock of input A-001 in formulation A, then you Issue the input A-001 to input A-002, meanwhile, you workflow A-002 to a status which has assigned to 'Approved' tag, then the input in formulation A will automatically update to input A-002.


          In your example, I am not sure what update of the material did you make? the system will not automatically update any basis information of the input until you click 'Refresh' from tools.