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    Replication of MViews in Golden gate


      Hi All,


      Source : DB version Windows

      Target : DB version on linux


      I am doing golden gate bidirectional configuration from 10g windows to 11g linux RAC.

      I am doing schema level bidirectional configuration using "ADD TRANDATA" (schema_name.*)

      In this configuration materialized views will replicate?


      In fact, I don't want to replicate MViews.


      Kindly suggest...




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          Yes, since materialized views are one of the object types that can be specified with the TABLE parameter, if the materialized view name matches the SCHEMA.* wildcard, it will be captured by Extract. If you want them excluded, you could use the TABLEEXCLUDE parameter to filter them out.


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            Umm, not necessarily. There are a lot of determining factors as to whether or not an MV will be replicated.


   Limitations of support for materialized views

            These limitations apply to integrated and classic capture modes.

            ■ Materialized views created WITH ROWID are not supported.

            ■ The materialized view log can be created WITH ROWID.

            ■ The source table must have a primary key.

            ■ Truncates of materialized views are not supported. You can use a DELETE FROM


            ■ Some Oracle GoldenGate initial-load methods do not support LOBs in a

            materialized view.

            ■ For Replicat, the materialized view must be updateable.

            ■ DML (but not DDL) from a full refresh of a materialized view is supported. If DDL

            support for this feature is required, open an Oracle GoldenGate support case


            Do an explicit extract (list exactly what you want to have replicated), or make sure you exclude them by name.