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    which installer to run for VCET support

      I have some old code that uses the VCET API to talk to autovue 2D Pro version 20.2.1 on Windows. There are serveral installers to choose from. There's one in the AutoVueDesktopVersion folder and another in the DesktopDeployment folder. Does anyone know which installer I should run in order to suppor the VCET API?
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          Daniel Gariepy-Oracle



          The VCET API can only be used with AutoVue Desktop Version but it is important to note that there will no longer be any AutoVue Desktop Version releases since it was replaced with AutoVue Desktop Deployment (refer to Note 1298894.1 for details). Unfortunately it is not possible to use VCET with AutoVue Desktop Deployment, instead you will have to use a different API like the Desktop Deployment ActiveX or the AutoVue API (VueBean).