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    Copying files from 64-bit Windows HVM with PV drivers is really, really, slow


      Server A is a Windows 2008 R2 64-bit server, and HVM with PV drivers. It was virtualized by doing a P2V. Copying files from it  is very, very slow. Files that should take a minute will take hours.  Copying files to the server is not a problem.


      I was able to duplicate the issue on Server B, a template we are building (fresh install of Windows, not a P2V).  This happened with both FTP and SMB file copying from the server, so it is not protocol-specific. I also migrated the VM to a different host and got the same result.  Copying files disk-to-disk within the servers works well, so it has more to do with copying over the network vs. disk access.


      Server C server is one migrated is an HVM without PV drivers and copying files from it works fine. However, it is a 32-bit Windows 2003 server.


      I uninstalled the PV drivers from Server B, reconfigured it as an HVM and now copying files from it works properly.


      I uninstalled the PV drivers on Server A and it fixed file copying as well. However, without the PV drivers we can’t see the additional disks we added beyond E:, so this really isn’t an option.  I have since re-installed the drivers and can see the drives again.


      Along the way I also tried the usual things such as disabling Antivirus -- this did not make a difference.


      We are using the latest PV drivers available from the Oracle support site, 3.2.1.


      Installing the drivers on Server C and changing it to an HVM with PV drivers did not slow down file copying from it.  However, it is 32-bit / Windows 2003.  Perhaps the issue is specific to 64-bit or Windows 2008?


      Has anyone run into this? Any other ideas?