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    what is the best configuration for zfs 7120 storage


      Hi All

      I recently setup a zfs 7120 storage. We opted to go for double parity because the customer wanted to maximise on space, i know it wasnt the best of configurations. The customers full backup is 256gb. Previously it use to take 1hr 30 min to complete the pre backup " a tar". The whole backup use to take 2 hours. After succesful migration to zfs 7120, It took 3hrs 30min to complete backup. The storage was only able copy 50gb in 1 hour even with write cache enabled. I have 2 4gb/s hbas. Checksum is set to standard, cache device usage is set to all data and metadat. Synchronus write bias is set to latency. What is the best config that can improve performance and beat the previous backup time? Has anyone achieved a data transfer of 200gb in 1hr on this storage?