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    weird autotrace output


      When I run this script in SQL Developer the autotrace output is weird.  It looks fine in SQL*Plus:


      The script:

      create table t (id number, a varchar2(100), b date);

      insert into t select rownum, lpad('a', 100), sysdate from all_objects;

      set autotrace on

      update t set id =1 where rownum < 2;


      SQL*Plus example:




               29  recursive calls

                2  db block gets

               88  consistent gets

                0  physical reads

              424  redo size

              827  bytes sent via SQL*Net to client

              696  bytes received via SQL*Net from client

                3  SQL*Net roundtrips to/from client

                1  sorts (memory)

                0  sorts (disk)

                1  rows processed


      SQL Developer example:




                    29  recursive calls

                     0  spare statistic 4

                     0  ges messages sent

                     0  db block gets direct

                     0  calls to kcmgrs

                     0  PX remote messages recv'd

                     0  buffer is pinned count

                    55  buffer is not pinned count

                     2  workarea executions - optimal

                     0  workarea executions - onepass


      I get the same weird results in TOAD so I'm thinking it's environmental but SQL*Plus, SQL Developer and TOAD are all on the same machine and all using the same Oracle Instant Client.


      Version Info:

      OS: Windows 7 Professional x64

      Oracle Instant Client:

      Oracle Database:


      SQL Developer:



      Has anyone else seen this behaviour or have any clue how I might troubleshoot?