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      a week ago i had more or less 800 points. Now i have 720. Someone has got any idea? I'd like not returning at 0 level

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          Timo Hahn

          Oracle worked on the point system. We are not sure if this it's the final fix our off they are still working on it.

          On the other side what it's the difference? 0 points,100, 500 or 5000 points?

          Does it make you a better person? Or make you giving better?

          We had this discussion already multiple times here and I don't see any reason why to start it all over again.




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            Sorry to interfere, but I don't think anything is forcing anyone to see a value in the point system. Why trying to convince anyone that the point system is useless or bad and should be abolished, which this arguing has always been about?


            Considering previous discussions about this topic, I don't see anything wrong if anyone sees any value in the point system. There are more aspects to it than spoiling a persons ego and the same could be said about ACE. I also see no good reason to draw a conclusion about someone's motivation, quality of feedback or ethic believes based on the liking or disliking of the point system. The idea that the point system leads to lowering the quality of the forum is pure speculation and has not been proved by facts. To me, the current experience after the forum upgrade and a messed up point system may even suggest the opposite.

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              Mr Nitin-Oracle

              Yes the point system seems to have been fixed.

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                first of all thanks for your feedback. Under my opinion when marking someone answer as correct of helpful is giving a gratification about time someone invested helping you. Personally i'm following only 1 forum (odi one) and i'm trying helping who is in trouble. If i see a correct or a helpful mark is a personal gratification and a way to understand that my answer was correct and clear. This is a strong motivation to a person like me that is quite confusing.


                Beyond this in the past day there were some quarrel on some topic, so my question was if i was "punished" or not.


                After that this is a business forum, i'll not be a better worker or  person this 3000 points, but if i'll return to 0 points i'd like knowing why

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                  Mr Nitin-Oracle

                  Points are being awarded for correct and helpful answers.

                  During migrations I think something got messed.


                  Seems this has been fixed.


                  Even now, as I see, I got some points only when my answers were marked "helpful" and/or "correct"

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                    Refer to the announcement posted, it should answer most questions