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    APEX pop-up textarea on form

    Walt K

      I am trying to create a "link" on a tabular form to an Impromptu pop-up for a textarea. I was using Dan McGhan's guide on his blog Dan McGhan's Oracle Blog: Popup In Report. Admittedly the explanation is a few years old. So maybe it does not work any longer.


      It does display the pop-up correctly. But it does not update the database column. Nor does a value appear associated with the hidden field. I believe I have the code customized correctly. The ID of the column is F02. And the item for the text area is F10 in my case.


      I've set it up here. The credentials are DEMO/DEMO. Thanks.



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          Hi Walt:


          Is it possible for you to share your workspace name and give DEMO the rights to modify the app?  I looked at your app, but without seeing what is going on behind it, it is hard to give you any advice.


          Regards, Scott

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            Walt K



            Workspace Kirspel, DEMO now is a developer.





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              Hi WaltK

              Can i have developer User in your Workspace i promise Dont Change Any Thing In you Workspace

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                I checked using firebug. If i type something and clicked ok button in pop-up window means It (the value) should populate into the hidden item(f10) in your case. but the hidden item is not getting populated. I am not able to login into your workspace as a developer. Can plz check, how you are populating the value from pop-up text field to hidden item?..

                If the value populated in hidden item then definitely it will store in database column.


                Also i checked in Dan McGhan's example for this using firebug. There the value is populated to hidden item. I think you missed something for populating the hidden item. Plz check.

                If you can share your workspace details as a developer.




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                  Walt K



                  My timing is terrible. I hadn't had a response on this so Saturday night I turned off developer access for my DEMO account.


                  I've now reset it to developer. Workspace KIRSPEL. Username DEMO. Password DEMO.