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    BOM Routing API...


      I'm searching for BOM API. Can you please help me in this.

      Routing Setup

      Step 1

      Desc - Creating Dummy Dept

      Step 2

      Desc – Creating routing for an item (Ex. Item - ATT.100003832) and associate sequence with the dummy Dept.

      Step 3

      Now user should be able to select same child item with different qty for the single BOM.

      seq item qty

      10 ATT.100003832 10

      20 ATT.100003832 20


      Will this be possible. If so what routing api do we need to use to load bom's with multiple same child item's with different qty.

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          Kashif Manzoor

          what is your apps version ?

          check this link if you are looking for 11i



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            Apps Version 11i.

            Right now we are using


                                  (Application  => 'BOM',

                                   Program      => 'BMCOIN',

                                   Description  => 'Bill Of Material Interface',

                                   Start_time   => NULL,

                                   Sub_request  => FALSE,

                                   Argument1    => NULL,--v_organization_id,

                                   Argument2    => 1,--2,  --> All Organizations(NO)

                                   Argument3    => 2,  --> Import Routings (NO) -------------------------------------------------------------------NO

                                   Argument4    => 1,  --> Import Bills of Material(YES)

                                   Argument5    => v_del_YN,--> Delete Processed Row(1-> Yes; 2-NO)

                                   Argument6    => NULL -->                       );


            If we enable this I mean  Argument3 =1 (Import Routings to YES) will I be able to achive the above mentioned same child with different quantities . From frnt end it is letting me do this. If not what is the correct api to use.