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    JavaFX Features


      I am in school and I want to create a client side 2d game.  Would HTML5 be the best to learn or JavaFX?  I understand that this forum will be biased but I would like to see objective(objective as possible) reasons for one or the other.  Does JavaFX have inherit advantages, is deployment a massive issue, etc.  Thank you for ignoring my ignorance and enlightening me.

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          Prototype both.


          Build something really, really simple in HTML5 and the same thing in JavaFX (using SceneBuilder).

          Maybe just doing the layout of the game with no logic at all.

          Deploy both of them and try using it.


          You'll be in a much better position to decide what is right for you than if somebody offers you up a list of pros and cons, some of which won't really apply to your specific situation.  At a minimum create the pro and con list applicable to your app rather than asking somebody else to create it for you.


          Feature Lists


          There is a decent summary of JavaFX features here.

          JavaFX Feature Summary


          Similar resources that list HTML5 features are easy to find with google.

          HTML5 Rocks - A resource for open web HTML5 developers


          Then you can compare the feature lists if that's important to you.




          I've read a few html vs javafx comparisons on the web and most of them, in my opinion, are pretty misleading, so I wouldn't bother much with them.


          The best discussion (by far) I have seen (and one that I don't believe is misleading) is:

          JavaFX: The 10,000 foot view (even though it's a year out of date).