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    How to resolve Golden gate replication issue due to DBOCI_check_for_virtual_column function from get_odbc_table_def failed




      Getting the below exception in golden gate replicate side before inserting record into the table. Though in the source table doesn't have any virtual column it is throwing below error.


      Source Context :
        SourceModule            : [ggdb.ora.db]
        SourceID                : [$Id: //depot/releases/OpenSys/v10.4.0/src/gglib/ggdbora/dboci.c#3 $]
        SourceFunction          : [get_odbc_table_def(file_def *, short, char *)]
        SourceLine              : [1978]

      2013-07-16 16:51:59  GGS ERROR       146  The call to the DBOCI_check_for_virtual_column function from get_odbc_table_def(file_def *, short, char *) failed with return code 0.


      Let me know if you need more details.