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Print Diagram for Sub-Views

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Sql Developer 3.3 (latest version).


I have a large logical model.

Broke it up into sub-views.


I need to save these images so I can add them to a document. The sub-views are sized so each can fit on a page of a word document.

Is there a way to save these images all at the same time? The only way I can see to do it is


print diagram->image for each one. Even if I do 'pdf' it is all of them.

I dont want the main logical model since its a big dump of entities that is unreadable. Id really like to be able to save all of my sub-views at once to 1 .pdf  where each image is on its own page.

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    If you do export to reporting schema, at the bottom if that dialog is a check box to Export Diagrams as PDF. That will generate PDFs for all the diagrams in a design.


    Not sure how to do it without setting up the reporting schema. All oyu need is a user with resource privileges to point the export to and it will automatically create the repository tables.


    (Worse case load the free Oracle XE database on your workstation/laptop and build it there.)

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    You can't print multiple diagrams in single PDF file from DM. What you can do is print a report (any output format). All diagrams will be exported as separate PDF files in sub directory of your reporting directory. Then you can use external application like PDFMerge to merge them in single PDF.

    And the exact diagrams can be chosen with creating of subviews in report configuration.


    Hope it helps


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