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    Print Diagram for Sub-Views


      Sql Developer 3.3 (latest version).


      I have a large logical model.

      Broke it up into sub-views.


      I need to save these images so I can add them to a document. The sub-views are sized so each can fit on a page of a word document.

      Is there a way to save these images all at the same time? The only way I can see to do it is


      print diagram->image for each one. Even if I do 'pdf' it is all of them.

      I dont want the main logical model since its a big dump of entities that is unreadable. Id really like to be able to save all of my sub-views at once to 1 .pdf  where each image is on its own page.

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          Kent Graziano

          If you do export to reporting schema, at the bottom if that dialog is a check box to Export Diagrams as PDF. That will generate PDFs for all the diagrams in a design.


          Not sure how to do it without setting up the reporting schema. All oyu need is a user with resource privileges to point the export to and it will automatically create the repository tables.


          (Worse case load the free Oracle XE database on your workstation/laptop and build it there.)

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            Dimitar Slavov-Oracle



            You can't print multiple diagrams in single PDF file from DM. What you can do is print a report (any output format). All diagrams will be exported as separate PDF files in sub directory of your reporting directory. Then you can use external application like PDFMerge http://sourceforge.net/projects/pdfmerge/ to merge them in single PDF.

            And the exact diagrams can be chosen with creating of subviews in report configuration.


            Hope it helps