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    extra delimiter added to each line in FTP File Move Operation.

    Balaji Radhakrishnan


      in one of our FTP point to Point process using FTP Move Operation where  a file is supposed to be moved from source FTP location to target FTP location,

      we are facing the following issue


      There is an extra delimiter added to each line.The issue is, when we place the a particular file in the outbound folder, it will be picked up and sent to vendor DB. They are getting CR+CR+LF as delimiter but the same code in  10g it goes as CR+LF.

      the following is the JCA setting

      <adapter-config name="sss" adapter="FTP Adapter" wsdlLocation="sss.wsdl" xmlns="http://platform.integration.oracle/blocks/adapter/fw/metadata">


        <connection-factory location="aaa"/>

        <endpoint-interaction portType="FTPMove_ptt" operation="FTPMove">

          <interaction-spec className="oracle.tip.adapter.ftp.outbound.FTPIoInteractionSpec">

             <property name="FileType" value="binary"/>

            <property name="SourcePhysicalDirectory" value="foo1"/>

            <property name="SourceFileName" value="bar1"/>

            <property name="SourceIsRemote" value="false"/>

            <property name="TargetPhysicalDirectory" value="foo2"/>

            <property name="TargetFileName" value="bar2"/>

            <property name="Type" value="MOVE"/>





      Kindly help us out in this regard

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          Balaji Radhakrishnan

          Below is the root cause of the problem.

          In 10g, we get the file with ^M$(^M- Carriage return,$- Line feed) as delimiter for line.When the file goes to output folder it changes to $.

          Whereas in 11g, the incoming file with ^M$ as delimiter remains as it is after getting moved to output folder.

          So, ^M needs to be removed from file before moving to outbound folder.

          In both 10g source FTP adapter has 'Read As Attachment' property set.

          Also, target FTP adapter has File Type='ascii' with 'Put' operation.

          We tried testing with same properties in 11g as well, but ^M was not removed.

          Please help out in this regard.