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    Cluster EJB Application And Use That EJB In Another WebApplication( Servlet ) that is a cluster app too?



      I created a EJB application that contains an Statefull session beans, in the weblogic-ejb-jar.xml i specified that this bean is clusterable, and then i deploy it in cluster environment with separate manaded server in separate host.

      Also i create a web application that contains a servlet that take paramere and put it in EJB Bean that before it , i JNDI lookup to get an instance of remote interface of that Enterprise java bean for each session and store that bean in session..

      So lets trace my failed scenario :

      1- I have a cluster contains two server A and B

      2- I deploy a EJB enterprise application that contains an statefull session beans that contains list of items ( String items ) , on cluster.

      3- There is web appliation that contains a sevlet that apply an jndi lookup to get and instance of remote interface of statefull session bean and store the bean in session also get request parameter and put it in the bean as items, is deployed on the cluster too.

      4- I stop the server B

      5- I call web application context to put items in EJB bean.

      6- I start the server B

      7- I also call the web application context to put more items in bean , also fire the replication to replicat the session and also bean on server B.

      8- I stop the server A.

      9- i want to continue my work on server B, but i get EJB exception that says can't make connection to server A.

      But : i follow upper scenario in a simple java application and it works.

      What is wrong ?