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    problem on new mod_wl.so 12c

    Gabriele Ghiani

      Hi all,

      i need to configure weblogic 2 way SSL.

      Reading the documentation (and README.txt inside new weblogic 12.1.2 linux x64), i have installed new plugin and configured the WLSSLWallet and WLS for 2 way ssl.

      After that, trying a connection on ssl console via apache httpd 2.2.3, it fails always and logs this error:


      ... weblogic: ap_proxy: trying GET /console/login/LoginForm.jsp at backend host ..../7802; got exception 'READ_ERROR_FROM_SERVER [os error=0, line 785 of URL.cpp]: Unexpected EOF reading HTTP status - failover request based on Idempotent flag'; state: reading status line or response headers from WLS (wrote? Y read? Y); failing over...


      what i can do?