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    Issue in displaying members on Web Form


      Its in Hyperion Planning for the entity dimension which is secured and new locations & entity members are updated frequently.


      Web Form was designed to pick the inclusive descendants of selected Level1 members in page select section.


      As the number of locations and Level 1 members are increasing , I have updated the Web form to pick Level 0 members using a custom attribute value (Att_Lev0) only which works good.


      But I need to display the Level 1 members also , I have build one more attribute (Att_Lev1) to display Level1 members but the web form preview say's members not found or  you don't have access to given combination.


      If I select only the Att_Lev1 or Att_Lev0 it works fine, but if I select both then i get error.


      Am I missing anything to get both Level1 and Level0 members?


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