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    APEX 4.2 Mobile Application


      Hello all.


      I'm new in the APEX world and I'm discovering it with an "apex.oracle.com" workspace.


      But I'm encoutering an issue with my mobile web application.


      I have several pages (1 login, 1 home and 3 with graphs).


      Each graph page work like this : a required "select list" which submit the page on the "selection change" event then the refresh of the 3 graph on her.


      My issue is :

      1) Each page have a "select list" with a different look and feel

      2) 2 pages works well but the on last one, after the page submission, we view the previous screen then I must do a refresh of the page ("F5") to see the correct page.



      I hope my issue is clear for you


      Thanks for your help.




      Message was edited by: FRENAULT2 I recreate the application : http://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=11307:LOGIN_JQM_SMARTPHONE:33732651027831 login = password = testusr