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    Opening landscape RTF report 11g output programmatically from the Form




      Using Forms/Reports on SLES11


      If I generate the report output in PDF and the output is landscape, then openning the PDF up using web.show_document (in Adobe Reader) is fine and it shows in a wide format even if sometimes it doesn't show the whole width of the report.


      If you generate a report in RTF format, then transfer the RTFdocument to the client using webutil, then open the RTF document with wordpad (again using webutil) then you can't seem to default the opening of wordpad to landscape mode.  It only opens in portrait mode and the report is wrapped amd looks poor. Another option is to use MS Word and use a command line switch to run a macro that changes the format to landscape, but putting the macro in a 1000 user's Word envirnment might not be easy.


      Are there any other ways to open an RTF format document in a wide format view such that the report is not wrapped within the wordprocessing environment?


      Thanks for any thoughts.