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    Key with a slash character




      In my tests I see that when I add a key component that contains a slash character "/", Oracle NoSQL encodes it as "%2F".

      For example:

      ArrayList<String> majorComponents = new ArrayList<String>();
      Key myKey = Key.createKey(majorComponents);

      this prints:


      I tried to URLDecode.decode the string before I add it to the majorComponents but it doesn't work.

      Therefore, my question is if there is a way to have a key that contains slash characters. Please have in mind that I would prefer not to split the string into multiple components every time a slash character occurs in the string.


      Thank you very much in advance,

      Apostolos Giannakidis

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          All Unicode characters are allowed in a key component, including slashes.  Your code to create the key is correct, and the key component does contain a slash.  The slash is escaped by the Key.toString method for two reasons: 1) to delineate key components, 2) to provide a URI syntax.  If you call Key.getMajorPath and look at the component, you'll see the un-escaped slash.  The Key.toString javadoc contains complete documentation of the string format.