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    Unable to display /apex or /apex_admin home page after local laptop installation




      I'm trying to install and run a local version of Apex 4.2.2 on my Windows 7 laptop.  I've followed the instructions from the Apex Installation Guide.  And have followed the troubleshooting steps and unistalled previous schemas from prior installations.  Configured and ran the @apexins SYSAUX SYSAUX TEMP /i/.  And configured for the embedded PL/SQL Gateway protocol. When entering the apex url the browser (configured to run java script) spins for 30 seconds then returns the page "Connection has timed out.  The server at is taking too long to respond."  Is there anything else I should check/try (log files?).  At one point I had Apex 3.2.2 installed and up and runnign on the same laptop, but have not been able to get Apex 4.x up and running.  Thanks for any help.  -Mike