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    How to identify whether a seeded workflow is customized or not.


      Hi All,


      We have a requirement to find the list of seeded workflows which are customized. The challenge we face is, the seeded .wft file could not be compared with the database version(downloaded using WFLOAD command) as the seeded .wft (say oexwford.wft )file has multiple item types(like OEOH, OEOL,etc) included in the same file. But the Database version of the OEOL.wft has contents only related to OEOL Item Type. So Diff command or KDIFF tool whch we use to compare will obviously show differences though the seeded file is not customized. Could you please suggest me if there are anyother means to achieve this.


      Is there any script to cut the seeded .wft file and create a separate file for each ITEM TYPE. So that the new file can be compared with database version.