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    Performance improvements, points, and a few other things


      Hi everyone,


      This is just a quick update on some things you should have seen in the last week and what's coming up next here -


      1. We pushed performance to a P1 issue last week, and I hope you all have seen a major improvement there.  I was getting load times >30 seconds and I know you were too.  We are continuing to look for places to improve.


      2. Points were fixed yesterday and should continue to work as before.


      3. We're testing a few things in stage for the next patch.  I don't expect we'll get everything in, but I think direct messaging and read tracking are possible. More on that as we get closer.


      4. We're changing the default view back to flat from threaded.  Threaded is a performance hit, anyone will be able to choose threaded if they prefer it.


      5. Code formatting - it's a bug in the platform itself and we've requested they up the priority on a fix.


      6. Recent Activity widgets - I'm sure you've noticed the empty ones all over the place.  I'm going to start pulling them out and moving subspace links into that area this week.  Basically the blank ones are due to how we designed the old forums, and what served as nodes that you would pass through as a category are now spaces with no content.  I'm trying to figure out a longer term fix for that, but for now I'll pull those empty widgets out.