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    web.show_document working with abnormal parameter

    Danielle R

      I was opening some web pages from forms 10g using:


           web.show_document(url, '_blank');


      in a button pressed trigger. That worked fine, except it continually opened new pages. If the button is pressed 10 time, 10 pages opened one after another. I was giving warning to the user about this quirk.


      Then while debugging I happened to edit the code and change it to:


           web.show_document(url, '_blank;');


      With the semicolon at the end of _blank parameter the pages now open in one browser window, replacing itself if the button is repeatedly pressed. This is exactly the functionality I want. However, I can't find any documentation that uses any parameter for web.show_document other then the standard ones without semicolons included.


      Does anyone know if this is safe to do?