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    RAC One Node: when shutting down via SQL*Plus...


      Hi ,

      I've installed RAC One Node for the first time and currently playing around with it to get better to know. The underlying cluster has two nodes, let's call them NODE_A and NODE_B.

      The cluster database itself is called DEVELOP, instance DEVELOP_1 is running on node NODE_A, instance DEVELOP_2 is supposed to run on NODE_B. The preferred node is


      When testing database online relcation everything works as expected: instance DEVELOP_1 gets shutdown on node NODE_A - instance DEVELOP_2 gets started on NODE_B.


      But when shutting down instance DEVELOP_1 on NODE_A with SQL*Plus I was astonished about the result:

      - it was not instance DEVELOP_2 which got started on NODE_B - it was instance DEVELOP_1!  (Due to this my Coud Control got changed - but that's not the issue of this discussion).


      My questions now are:

      - is the clusterware responsible for the behaviour of starting instance DEVELOP_1 on NODE_B when I shut down instance DEVELOP_1 down on NODE_A via SQL*Plus?

      - and were is this behaviour documented? I went through the RAC One Node documentation but couldn't find anything helpful


      Any help will be appreciated.