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    Pls help: SQL Loader loads only one record





      I am trying to insert data into a table using SQL Loader.

      At the command line, i have entered



      >sqlldr userid=abc\abc control = 'contrl_file_name.ctl'



      This does not perform any operation and simply hangs...table does not have any data...no data in log file ...

      It simply shows the SQL Loader Release ...production...Copyright messages and does not halt.



      Am new to SQL loader.... Kindly help



      Another problem:


      I have my loading_data.dat file with multiple entries like the below which are records to be inserted for a single column in my table.

      233207332711<EOFD><EORD> 233208660745<EOFD><EORD> 233200767380<EOFD><EORD>.....


      My control file is like this:

      continue_load data

      infile loading_data.dat"


      into table T1

      fields terminated by '<EOFD><EORD> '



      when I run the following sqlldr statement, it inserts just one record and says Load Completed- logical record count 1.


      Why are my other records not getting inserted?


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