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    inputtext disabled (or readonly) the second time the page displays.


      This inputtext is mapped to a VO field:


      <af:inputText label="Motivo" id="it5"

                        rows="4" columns="60"





            <f:validator binding="#{bindings.Descripcion.validator}"/>



      The first time the page is displayed, the field showd editable.


      After inserting some text in the field and clicking on a "Accept" button, then next time the page is displayed the item is no more editable (disabled or readonly, I don't know). No matteer if I show the same record or a different one.

      I don't execute any dinamyc setdisabled o setreadonly method on the JSF field.

      In fact, for testing, in the page definition I have inserted a new inputtext field based on the same VO attribute (hence I have two fields with the same information) and the behaviour reproduces in both fields. Then I thnk it should by something related with the binding or the VO or the entity and not with the bean. I have not been able to see any code forcing the field to be disabled or something like this.


      Any help will be very appreciated.

      More info:


      The button that accepts the page executes the following code:


        public static void rollbackPosicionOutcome(String nomIterator,String outcome){


          //Obtengo el iterador

          DCIteratorBinding iterBind=Util.getBindIterator(nomIterator);

          int currentRowIndex=iterBind.getRowSetIterator().getCurrentRowIndex();


          // Realizo el RollBack

          OperationBinding operationBinding = Util.getBindOperation("Rollback");

          Object result = operationBinding.execute();


          // Vuelvo a poner el iteraador en su lugar incial

      //    iterBind.getRowSetIterator().setCurrentRowAtRangeIndex(currentRowIndex); 


          // Realiza el outcome

          FacesContext facesContext = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();

          NavigationHandler navHandler = facesContext.getApplication().getNavigationHandler();

          navHandler.handleNavigation(facesContext, null, outcome);





      With this line commented:


      //    iterBind.getRowSetIterator().setCurrentRowAtRangeIndex(currentRowIndex); 


      the field is no longer locked. If the line is uncommented, the text area gets locked. 

      The iterator "nomIterator" passed as parameter is the grand father (in the AppModule hierarchy) of the VO where the textarea is based, Does this have any relation ....?