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    SQL Loader: handling difference datatypes in data file and table column




      I am not sure if my question is valid but I am having this doubt.


      I am trying to load data from my data file into a table with just a single column of FLOAT datatype using SQL Loader. But very few insertions take place, leaving a large number of record rejected for the same reason-


      Record 7: Rejected - Error on table T1, column MSISDN.

      ORA-01722: invalid number


      The data in my datafile goes like this: (with a single space before every field)

         233207332711<EOFD><EORD>    233208660745<EOFD><EORD>    233200767380<EOFD><EORD>


      Here I want to know if there is any way to type cast the data read from the data file to suit my table column's datatype.


      How do I handle this? I want to load all the data from my datafile into my table.