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    Regarding Historical Data/Metadata




         Recently one of the BU was changed as BU OLD , there was Data in BU for prior periods . Now that when we have changed the entity as BUOLD I do not see any data for that location any more.

      The system tables would have saved the data Irrespective of the change in Metadata right ? Please correct me if i am wrong. And what is the possible solution to get back the old data.


      Thanks !

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          If ALL you did was to rename the member from BU to BU Old then the data should move with it. If you did something like rename Bu to BU Old and added BU in another location, then the data will move to the new member you called Bu.

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            BU.Oploc was changed to BU.OplocOld , Original Oploc was taken to BU1.Oploc.

            In a nut shell the Oploc has been moved to new BU, thats the only change . Just that BU.OplocOld is not having the value of BU.Oploc.

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              You mention system tables containing data, which makes me wonder this is an HFM (not Essbase) question - just to confirm, which product are you talking about?


              If this is an Essbase question, and when you say 'BU.Oploc' you mean 'Oploc' as a child of 'BU', then it sounds like what you did might be the scenario Glenn described, i.e. renamed 'Oploc' then added it back as the child of 'BU1' rather than 'BU'.  If you do this in one step in Essbase the data will all be in the 'new' 'Oploc' member, not 'OplocOld'.

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                Tim , this is related to Essbase.

                So in that case ,  if Oploc is under different BU how can the previous BU.Oploc combination data sit new BU1.Oploc. That cannot be possible right.

                Ex: X1BU.Oploc be changed to X1BU.OplocOld which should have the data what X1BU.Oploc had .  The old Oploc is in different BU location now  X2BU.Oploc which should have different data since BU is different.

                My whole point is X1BU.OplocOld is not having XIBU.Oploc data.

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                  I have other decision for this task.

                      One dimension need to split to two dimension : One for Level 0 from source and other from level 1 members from the source. After that you need use Attribute dimensions with mark "old" and "new" cross members. Use attribute dimension in the planning forms for the create correct forms.





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                    We are not using any kind of forms.

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                      suppose you have a member called Bob that has data. Bob is a child of Tim.  You rename Bob to Robert. but at the same time you create a new member named Bob that is a child of Cameron. When you save the outline, Essbase thinks you moved Bob from Tim to Cameron so it moves the data. Cameron has now adopted Bob since the system thinks Tim Abandoned him.  It thinks Robert is a new member so it has no data.

                      In order to do something like this it has to be done in multiple steps. Rename Bob to Robert then save the outline, then add the bew Bob and save the outline again.

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                          But here going by you Naming conventions , there is no data when Bob is moved from Tim to Cameron. That is what it was supposed to be . We are good till here , Only concern is Bob renamed as Robert doesnt have data which should be manipulated as Robert is a child of Tim !!

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                          In my example is Bob originally had $10 in it the $10 would be moved from Bob under Tim to Bob moved under Cameron. Robert would have 0 unless you did it the second way I mention

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                            Original - >  xxxxBU.Oploc


                            Modified - > xxxxBU.OplocOLd



                            Oploc moved to yyyyBU , so original Oploc is sitting as yyyyBU.Oploc  which has no data , and is accepted !!


                            I am expecting historical data xxxxBU.Oploc to be in xxxxBU.OplocOld.

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                              Maybe this is a dumb question but there are some things in your posts that are suspicious:  I think all of the responders are assuming that you have never cleared the cube and reloaded the data for the prior periods?  i.e. the data you want to be reported as "xxxxBU.OplocOld"


                              To put it another way the data for prior periods originally loaded to xxxxBU.Oploc  you expect should be moved to xxxxBU.OplocOld by the rename of the membername?  If so then if it is not there what did you respond when you saved outline and were asked if the restructure should retain data?


                              Also did you recalculate your cube?


                              Finally, I am unable to follow how the yyyBU.Oploc mentioned just above  fits into this whole story.


                              Maybe you should rewrite the full summary step by step:


                              1 I had a cube with data loaded to xxx


                              2 I renamed member


                              3 I then added a new member to ???? to take data for future periods for xxxbuoploc


                              4 I modified the load files as follows:


                              5 I I then loaded a new data for new periods making no changes to the loaded data or b I reloaded the whole cube



                              so step by step

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                                  You are correct , I expect the data to move from XXXXBU.Oploc to XXXXBU.OplocOld , when there was dimension Update EAS did ask me for "Retain all Data" or "Clear data".

                                Pretty obviously I selected Retain all data and completed the Dimension Update process.



                                Thanks for the suggestions Dan ,  YYYYBU.Oploc is nothing but the new BU roll up of the Original Oploc from XXXXBU to YYYYBU.

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                                  I'm not trying to be irritating, but for total clarity could you describe exactly what you did to the outline - one single step at time (along the lines of Dan's numbered example) in order?  Each 'Rename', 'Add', 'Move' and 'Save'.


                                  I also object to Glenn making me a deadbeat Dad in his examples.

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                                    Since you assumed I was talking about you, there must be merit in it. It could have been anyone named Tim. You will notice I used Cameron and he has not had any comments in this post sequence

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