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    Tool Pallete -> Advanced -> Message Handling Script/Script


      We have few clarifications in OEDQ.


      Tool Pallete -> Advanced -> Message Handling Script/Script:


      we can write Java Script to define processing logic that acts across all the records in a message, or that acts selectively on only the first record in the message.


      I tried writing Java Script for Data Validation and to display the message.


      Java Code:

      Public static void main(String[] args)


      int EMPNO;

      if(EMPNO = "123456")


      system.out.println("Invalid EMPNO");




      system.out.println("Valid EMPNO");



      When we try to run the processor, We are getting the below error.


      "error during process preparation

      error in script: Error compiling Script: Missing ; before statement"


      We are not getting error when we try to write a C program for the Message Handling Script.


      C program:


      var res=' '

      var res1=' '

      var res2=' '


      res='Valid Country Code';



      else if (input1=='UK')


      res1='Valid Country Code';





      res2='InValid Country Code';




      Could you please let us know whether Java code can be used in Message handling script and can we have the header "Public static void main(String[] args)" in the script.


      Thanks for your time.