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    OSB Resultcache



      I am working on OSB-Coherence Integration.But i am not getting how the data is stored in OSB Resultcache. when i connected to the Resultcache through Coherence Console and when i type list there,it is displaying as below:


      Map (?): cache /osb/service/ResultCache

      2013-07-30 19:20:54.888/13.256 Oracle Coherence GE <Info> (thread=main, member=3): Loaded cache configuration from "file:/D:/Oracle/Middleware/user_projects/domai

      2013-07-30 19:20:55.112/13.480 Oracle Coherence GE <D5> (thread=DistributedCache:ORA-OSB-deployments, member=3): Service ORA-OSB-deployments joined the cluster wi












      Map (/osb/service/ResultCache): list

      PipelineResultCacheKey[BusinessService Customer/CustomerBS,getCustomerdetails,3) = owner=BusinessService Customer/CustomerBS,value=[B@1167e3a5

      But i want to know exactly what is the datatype of key it is using and the object structure(skeleton of the object) which it is storing as value.


      Any suggestions would be great.